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A 24 year old human who likes to draw stuff, especially comics. This is my personal artblog where I will post doodles, WIPs and finished artwork and also text posts with ignorant opinions. I'm doing my best. Enjoy your stay!
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stingdragon replied to your post: nagabenang replied to your post:sittin…

Men va fan är det som händer? Är du ok?

Det var ett par som bråkade igår, tjejen var dyngfull och jag kunde höra killen sparka och slå henne. Jag tror inte värden eller andra visste om misshandeln men dem blev utslängda idag.

Dom har nog åkt nu för städaren har upptäckt något som indikerar på slagsmål. Ska nog ta och gå ut och kanske prata med dom eller något.

How awesome is your hair today?

It’s asleep atm. Like a cat. On my head. attached to my skin.

Jag gillar hur du kan få allting att låta så intressant! Saknar att få höra dina utlägg och funderingar i person och bara få se vad du hittar på även om man bara sitter tyst brevid! Saknar dina fräcka frisyrer och energi!

Du var saknad på 24-timmars serien. Varför måste alla leva så utstridda? ;w;

spoopypocalypse replied to your post: okay now it’s time for me…

ohhh vilken kanal?

kl 21:00 på TV4 : D

(btw Stingy: du kan sluta kommentera om timmarna nu tack.)

So... You just started watching Attack on Titan... And we haven't spoke at all these last few days. Or ever talked about the show in any way... And still we manage to go "HM! I should watch this show today!" Cause I just finished watching the tenth episode or so...

I prefer to explore stuff on my own. If ten people had wrote to me saying I “should” watch attack on titan then I’d never done it.

I’m the worst kind of hipster.

My mom installed a new router today. That’s nice…. However, we don’t have any network to connect it with. And the only one in this family that knows how to set up a wireless network is my brother who’s been away the whole day. So I haven’t been able to be online. Although I more or less slept through the whole day… At least I can still surf on my iPhone. But yeah, just wanted to inform you. And Stingy! Could you tell Jennie this so shell know why I can’t Skype with her today while watching motorcity? Puss!

stingdragon replied to your audio post: I have a hard time describing Motorcity with only…

AHH!! We need more of these! A Motorcity choir!




stingdragon replied to your post: Anyone got any Rayon and The Duke headcanons?

Head canon for the Duke? He is actually bald… The darker parts of his hair and his beard are real but the blond mop on top is a toupeé. That is why he wears that headband. To prevent people from seeing the edge of the fake hair.


nikipaprika replied to your post: I’m srsly gonna draw TexasXJulie smut I just have…

mwhahahaha it shall be deliciously smutty MWHAHAHA *twirls moustache*

stingdragon replied to your post: I’m srsly gonna draw TexasXJulie smut I just have…

Now there is an idea! ^^ You ahve to show us when you are done.

of course I’m gonna show you.

And asdafjksdf the drawing is turning out so hot right now I don’t even know what to do it’s too much aaaaaaaaa

stingdragon replied 

Thank you! This is REALLY helpful. Even though I have read about the colourwheel many times before and know about sprimary colours there have never been any real information on how to really pick out secondary.

There is one question though. If I were to turn the triangle the other way around would it work? I went through some test colours for my picture and I found a aqua that fitted pretty well against the other colors. 

Yeah, it should work if you turn the wheel in any direction. And sometimes it’s just best to go with what looks good and not always follow the “rules” :) there’s so many compositions in color theory that you can more or less pick any colors and somehow find a color-combo with them haha.

stingdragon replied to your post: Why must we have visitors. And why must it be that kind of visitors that could be compared to a pack of chickens.

Oh shit. That sounds bad. I understand about the music. Sometimes you just want to go “Fuck it! I’m gonna listen to my own breathing!”

Yeah, just a moment ago I felt I had energy. But just as they entered the apartment I sort of stopped. And I feel like I wont be able to finish even ONE picture today thanks to all the noise around me.

I should just go down and buy candy and energy drinks. And hope the chicken farm will leave soon. I planned to SLEEP tonight and not work my ass off…