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Humanized drawings of Scar from The Lion King.

Everything…. srsly, EVERY FUCKING STROKE, was done with my non-dominant hand.

The sketch to the right was my first attempt. The lines are squiggly and it took me way too much time to just sketch down a circle.

On the other two, I got a better grip of it. I started to rotate the picture while working, which proved to be very effective. I set my tablet to right-handed mode, so even if I would use the pen with my left hand(the dominant one), I would still have to switch to right handed because otherwise I would accidentally push the buttons on my tablet (NOTE: this was intended to happen. To force myself to stick with my right hand.)

I’m extremely tired right now, so I’m off to crash to bed. But I hope this post will inspire others who also work to become ambidextruous. Today was the first time I tried drawing with my right hand with a tablet, it was so much harder and trickier to get used to. But as soon as I found the right position of my arm, it went much better.

Although I think my left hand is a bit pissed, at the beginning it really wanted to draw. But I told Leftie that Righty has to practice using the pen first.

This is what I’ve been drawing using my non-dominant hand. As you can see, the very first sketch is the weakest one. But I quickly got a better grip on it as I progressed. I noticed that my non-dominant hand makes more angular and uniform lines - but with much less control over the strokes, of course, but that’s something i’ll achieve as I continue to use my non-dominant hand.

The “mental skills” are still present in the sketches, the only thing I really need to do is to train my hand muscles to become more used to hold a pencil.

remember, I started practicing my non-dominant hand already some days ago, so these are not the very first attempts. If you have been training your non-dominant hand earlier in life, you’ll probably have an easier time to get used to it again.

The non-dominant hand drawing training is actually paying off faster than I thought. I am still just only able to make rough sketches with my right hand, but for every sketch it feels more and more natural.

For you who wanted to “join me” in this little challenge/experiment, I’m currently doing some very quick sketches based on these poses (note: ONLY the poses. Not the actual designs). Right now, I’m just doing them as silhouette sketches.

here’s some more tips that I noticed helps out a lot:

- Hold the pen in your non-dominant hand even when you are not drawing. You will become more used to hold a pen in your non-dominant hand in general that way.

- Meanwhile, hold an eraser with your dominant hand while you are drawing, it actually eases the urge to switch hand.

- do NOT switch hand during the drawing process, not even once. These sketches aren’t even supposed to end up as final drawings anyway so don’t give in to the temptation!

a little side project: becoming Ambidextruous


I wanna be able to use both hands when drawing, because it’s good and will help you prevent CTS (meaning, you can rest one hand while still working on art). I made a sketch with my non-dominant hand some days ago, I’ll take a photo of it later and show it to you guys :3