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A 24 year old human who likes to draw stuff, especially comics. This is my personal artblog where I will post doodles, WIPs and finished artwork and also text posts with ignorant opinions. I'm doing my best. Enjoy your stay!
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Humanized drawings of Scar from The Lion King.

Everything…. srsly, EVERY FUCKING STROKE, was done with my non-dominant hand.

The sketch to the right was my first attempt. The lines are squiggly and it took me way too much time to just sketch down a circle.

On the other two, I got a better grip of it. I started to rotate the picture while working, which proved to be very effective. I set my tablet to right-handed mode, so even if I would use the pen with my left hand(the dominant one), I would still have to switch to right handed because otherwise I would accidentally push the buttons on my tablet (NOTE: this was intended to happen. To force myself to stick with my right hand.)

I’m extremely tired right now, so I’m off to crash to bed. But I hope this post will inspire others who also work to become ambidextruous. Today was the first time I tried drawing with my right hand with a tablet, it was so much harder and trickier to get used to. But as soon as I found the right position of my arm, it went much better.

Although I think my left hand is a bit pissed, at the beginning it really wanted to draw. But I told Leftie that Righty has to practice using the pen first.