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A 24 year old human who likes to draw stuff, especially comics. This is my personal artblog where I will post doodles, WIPs and finished artwork and also text posts with ignorant opinions. I'm doing my best. Enjoy your stay!
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…..okay guys let me get this straight:

I do not do signal boosts per request, my »>personal«< art blog is not a shoutbox or a place where you can get attention. I only signal boost if it’s related to me personally or is about my closer friends.

Please Do not send me fanmail/asks that are basically chainletters/send-this-to-x-person-u-liek or “ask-lists”. I really honeslty dislike those kind of things because I don’t really care about them + they fill up my dashboard all day long which is just plain annoying.

Please Don’t use the fan mail as a way to get “personal advice” about your art and such. I’m not an art teacher that have the time to help everyone for free.

tl;dr: I see the Fan Mail function as a private and more personal messaging thing, most of the time i’d prefer you guys to just use the ASK BOX.

I just came home from finland and I’m kinda tired so I might not reply to most of the sent messages tonight.

Commission info and FAQ

»Link to examples and price list«

e-mail: foervraengd@gmail.com

PLEASE DO NOT USE THE ASK OR FANMAIL FOR COMMISSION REQUESTS. I will not pay attention to them. E-mail me instead.


1. gummi-chemist

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Here’s some extra info:

What difference does the price range make?

  • The prices are set after how much content you want in your commission, a portrait has a lower price than for example a full body picture. Also things such as backgrounds can affect the price as well.

Can I commission you to make several pictures at once?

  • No, I’d prefer to only work on one picture per client.

Can I commission you to make a tutorial?

  • Yes, but that will cost at least 200$ to 400$ depending on how big it would turn out. 

Does a realistic picture cost more than a cartoony/manga styled picture?

  • No, I have decided that stylization does not affect the price. It’s all about how much content and how long it takes me to make the picture.

Can I commission adult content?

  • Yes, but keep in mind that adult content will cost twice as much. And that I wont make anything that I personally find ideologically sensitive or offensive.

How long do I have to wait for my commission?

  • If you’re on top of the slot list, it should take about a week or less. Mainly because I have side projects or work on several commissions at once.
  • Once I can start on your commission I will contact you via e-mail.
  • It is important that you contact me if you haven’t recieved the commission within less than a month after I’ve started on the picture.

Do you livestream while working on my commission?

  • Yes, that way I can easier show you the progress of the picture and also easier communicate.
  • If you do not want me to livestream or post process pictures on my blog, please let me know.

I have questions that isn’t on this list!

  • General questions about my commissions can be sent via the ask box or via fanmail. If you have questions about your commission specifically, I’d prefer to have it sent to my email.

Please read this BEFORE sending me asks (FAQ + minor rants)

First off, I’m glad and happy that people appreciate my advice and art.

But I’ve recieved more and more asks that I have more or less already answered 8407375 times before.

This is getting a bit obnoxious, because I don’t really wanna fill my blog with only asks from people wondering what kind of brushes I use or what to do in order to improve their art.

This isn’t a “ask me how to do art because I’m too lazy to go look at resources myself"-blog, it’s my personal artblog/sketchbook blog. And I happen to like resources and tutorials. If I find the question interesting or something I haven’t been asked before, I’m gonna answer it. Chances are also higher if you send the ask NON-anon.

But from now on, if your questions are very generic and isn’t really specific on what you’re wondering about or if I cannot answer it, I’m just going to not reply to the message. Because I don’t have the time to reply to everyone. I wanna draw instead (which is more or less what YOU also should do!)

If you wanna get artistic advice, I strongly recommend you to go to this blog instead:

Amazingly Artistic Advice!


»»>All asks that’s been sent to me«««

And just in case, I’ll answer some very very common questions in this post, I’ll probably update this “FAQ” later on with more common questions that I recieve:

Q: What brushes do you use?

A: Brushes doesn’t really matter. And I mostly stick to hard round brush in Photoshop. In Corel Painter, I mostly use the Smeary oil brush (with dab profile set to “circular”) and combine it with the Pointed Stump blender.

Q: What tablet do you use?

A: Wacom Pen & Touch. It’s small and cheap.

Q: What brush settings do you use in SAI?/Do you work in SAI?/Give me advice on how to use SAI? ETC ETC ETC

A: I’m so very very tired of getting SAI-related questions. I have never touched Sai, I use a goddamn Mac and last time I checked, Sai isn’t compatible with Mac. And I couldn’t care less about Sai. I have no idea how to use Sai. I DONT EVEN WANNA USE SAI BECAUSE I AM HAPPY WITH MY PAINTER SO DONT EVEN TRY TO CONVERT ME OR SOMETHING.

Please STOP asking me stuff about Sai. People assume that I use Sai because Corel also has a Color-Wheel in it’s interface, and that Corel has tools that resemble the watercolor brush apparently. But that’s more or less the only things that could remind you of Sai. The rest of the interface is different from Sai. There’s more programs that has a color wheel, just so you know.

All these questions about Sai makes me start to hate that program, no really. I’m sick and tired of it. And I haven’t even tried it. lol.

Q: How the heck do you make that awesome perspective grid in photoshop??

A: Via this tutorial —> Link!


A: You stop whining and start drawing. And stop focusing on having to improve, that’ll just put more pressure on yourself. Calm your tits and balls and just draw, use references and do studies. If you draw at least 1-2 drawings a day, you’ll improve. Dedication and motivation is very important. And no, age doesn’t matter a shit.

Q: Can you make a tutorial in how to…

A: No. I don’t do tutorial requests. That’s actually the last thing I wanna do. You don’t seem to understand that it takes time to make a tutorial, especially if it’s gonna be unique, interesting and good. If I make a tutorial it’s mostly about a subject I would find interesting myself. I will never ever do one of those useless anime-hair tutorials or eye tutorials. Only if there’s something unique and interesting that I could add to it. But no tutorial requests. You can give me SUGGESTIONS of areas that I might wanna study, but no requests.

Q: Can you critique my art/do a redlining correction?

A: Most of the time, I don’t have the energy or interest to do this. Redlining is more trickier than you might think. When I do a redline/critique, it’s mostly for people I know personally. And no, don’t ask me to become your friend. That’s just creepy.

more frequently Asked questions will come…

ASK ME STUFF! :D I’ll record my answers with my VOICE!!

YES! I’m gonna do a voice meme, it seems pretty fun. Once I get enough questions, I’m gonna record myself answering them and then do a little animation in flash where I’ll lipsync my recording to a drawing of myself! (haven’t animated in flash for ages, so this is perfect!)

So go ahead.

ASK ME ANYTHING, I will answer it in my voice-meme later on. ?