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I also tend to ramble about things in general - especially about art!

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Had a lucid dream today!
I had that scenario where you can feel someone sitting at the side of the bed, and since I often have this dream I knew right away that it was a dream.
So I decided to make the “person” lie down and spoon with me, it was really nice and cuddly :D
For some reason I sort of knew the person was a girl, she wore a bracelet of some kind.

oh man I just remembered a really obscure dream I had last night

I had found my old Furbie toy and by some reason I decided to eat all the fabric around it’s face (tasted cotton candy) and when I realized my mistake I convinced my mom to help me find a new furbie that I could take the fabric from and put it on my own toy.

We found a “donor” but it was a pink furbie (mine is brown with black stripes and a white belly) but we couldn’t find anything better so that one would do.

Then I woke up.

A Dream about a game I haven't played

(Mirre)/Magnum0048: oh god btw I had this dream
Viktor Engholm/Mechapro: Go on
(Mirre)/Magnum0048: that I somehow got pokemon x and y on my smartphone???
(Mirre)/Magnum0048: and like before I had to choose a starter pokemon I first had to choose if I'm a boy or a girl
(Mirre)/Magnum0048: and the girl character were like this super rich sweet lolita girla
(Mirre)/Magnum0048: and the boy were like a fashion core emo boy who was super poor
-Snissal- Eggs Vantas (0096): Omg
Mirre)/Magnum0048: and like I wanted to pick the boy because he had cool black hair
(Mirre)/Magnum0048: but that'd also make the game harder since you'd start with like no money at all
(Mirre)/Magnum0048: and basically the whole dream was about my anxiety over choosing
Viktor Engholm/Mechapro: Ohohoh... wow.
(Mirre)/Magnum0048: this is what happens when you dream about shit you've only seen little screenshots about lol
Viktor Engholm/Mechapro: Hahah, that is very true
-Snissal- Eggs Vantas (0096): You don't normally start with money though
(Mirre)/Magnum0048: I know lol
-Snissal- Eggs Vantas (0096): Heheh
(Mirre)/Magnum0048: like I think it basically only had the exact same graphics as the actual game but there was like
(Mirre)/Magnum0048: little to no pokemon about it otherwise haha
(Mirre)/Magnum0048: but now I like
(Mirre)/Magnum0048: wanna get pokemon x or y just to see how much in that dream was close to the game
(Mirre)/Magnum0048: like you could customize your character with buying clothes n shit
-Snissal- Eggs Vantas (0096): You can do that in the game too
(Mirre)/Magnum0048: but when you're in battle mode, your sprite is switched to the old Red trainer
Viktor Engholm/Mechapro: Psss, what
Viktor Engholm/Mechapro: That's weird
(Mirre)/Magnum0048: yeah it's like in the old pokemon games when you used surf with your squirtle
(Mirre)/Magnum0048: but you rode on a lapras sprite
(Mirre)/Magnum0048: it was like that kind of logic
Viktor Engholm/Mechapro: Hahah, oh yeah

btw guys I had the weirdest dream ever I dreamt that I decided to read homestuck as an audio book with illustrations. You know those you had as a kid when the narrator said “and when you hear this sound….*plays main theme of said story* then it’s time to turn page!”

it was very



because suddenly there were ponies and a homestuck version of Discord started eating everyone it was so morbid and everything was just so… everything at the same time.

I had a dream where I was on a roadtrip with Stephen Hawkings. It was awesome.

I has this amazing dream tonight

I was gonna go to AMEEERICA!!


And I sat next to my friend Rina-Ran!! I was all “ajsfjsGFJSGaj” and we went to FINLAND. And Rina tried to talk swedish but instead she talked finnish hahah.



And then I got to know that we was going to NEW YORK!!

Then mommy woke me up :_;