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A 24 year old human who likes to draw stuff, especially comics. This is my personal artblog where I will post doodles, WIPs and finished artwork and also text posts with ignorant opinions. I'm doing my best. Enjoy your stay!
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Magnum's pretty cool, is he a character from something or an oc of yours?

He’s an OC that’s based on a Fanpro character.

I guess you don’t know what fanpro is so I’ll quickly explain it first:

Fanpro is basically a community project on tumblr where there’s a long list of character designs that are free to use for anyone, even commercially.

So I took one of the designs, which were design number 48:

I liked the color scheme, but I adjusted some things like skin color, bodyshape and of course the hairstyle;

So uhm to answer your question a bit more simple: yes he is an OC, but his design is based on a Fanpro design.

I KNOW RIGHT DOM SÄGER TYP KOWAII OCH JAG BAH ÄR INTE DET LÄSKIG TYP förlåt men jag kände nästan att jag var den enda som tänkte på det

haha JA LIXOM asså stackars dom srsly det engelska språket har fuckat upp vokalerna så mycket att det är typ 10x svårare för engelskspråkiga att lära sig uttala andra språk ordentligt. :’D

hey mirre do you have any good tips on drawing flat hands? im pretty good at drawing expressive hands for some reason, but i have such a hard time doing hands that are flat or just open

no I don’t really know atm except using references and do studies.

Mirre help I can't figure out how to flip the canvas in Corel Painter 12 and the internet is failing me

canvas > rotate canvas > flip canvas horizontally

Your new profile picture is so gorgeous -strokes your hair-

After seeing your gesture doodles, i got curious about this so called pchat is that short for Paint Chat, the google app? I've never heard of pchat before. You got me curious. What is it? Would you please enlighten me? Only if you have time/want to. Of course. Thanks in advance.

pchats have existed online for a loong time. It’s just like the old Oekaki Boards that were very popular before SAI made it’s debut. You could say it’s like the lovechild of SAI and MS Paint. It’s easy to find pchats online, just google it, and as long as you follow the rules it’s a perfect place for just doodling stuff.

Hey! Thank you for supporting my petition! In one day we have already made it up to 800+ signatures. If we keep this thing rolling I really think we can make a difference!

I’m very glad it helps out! It’s the least thing I can do.

In regard to the question by These-accursed-eyes; This is something I have been trying to do for a very long time, but I run into problems, namely: what dpi do I scan the image in at in order to not get residue, and how do I adjust the levels in photoshop properly? I have tried countless times with random combinations BECAUSE I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING.
  • Don’t use the levels, use the curves instead to adjust the contrast.
  • Always scan the image in 300dpi or higher.
  • To separate the lineart from the canvas you duplicate the image to a new layer.
  • Clear the bottom layer so it’s white then hide it
  • select the layer above (with the lineart), go to CHANNELS
  • Click this icon, this will select all the white pixels in the lineart layer.
  • Clear the pixels. Now you only have the lineart on the layer.
  • Lock the layer and fill it with black.
  • ?????
Hi! I have a question and I'm not sure who to ask. I've heard a lot about the debate between inking traditionally and inking digitally, but I've never understood how you would colour it digitally after inking traditionally? Wouldn't you have to still do line art anyway to colour it properly? So wouldn't inking traditionally be a "pointless" step, or am I missing something? Thanks!

there’s this thing called layers.

You separate the black scanned lineart from the white area on a separate layer, then just color underneath that layer.

Layers is like the first thing you learn to use in digital art software, and knowing how to separate the lineart from the white canvas is like the second most common thing to learn in digital art.

I don't want to bombard you; but about the commissioner not owning copyright on the work you did for them? Well, I guess what I'm asking is the legitimacy of the statement. I was commissioned to do album art for someone, and I had made a painting seperate from the album, just so I could crop it and have half of it in the cover. He recently got upset that I put the painting on red bubble, he claimed that since it was part of the album that he owned the art.

Well if he’s going to have it on a band cover, which probably is going to be distributed and sold for money. Then he either has to have your permission to do so, or he has to compensate every sold copy with your part of the cookie. I he basically said he wanted to buy the artwork and use it for his own profit, then you should have made that deal very clearly.

But look; I’m not an expert in this area, I strongly suggest you go look up how most people usually do it when it comes to clients and copyright. I’m personally nowhere a professional in the field yet. What I know is that a commission (which is not the same as serious client work) is mainly art for private use. Thus I call it a “paid request”.

i have a question, why do you start out coloring some things in grey-scale, and how do you add the color over it to make it look so good?? I see this method a lot and I'm confused as to how it works ;v;

I sorta follow this technique: Link!!

What it comes down to is that while people should be more mindful of tumblr's publicness it is still not okay to "prove a lesson" to them. Just because someone wrote something on a wall and asked you not to read it doesn't mean you should read it, shout it aloud, and then mock that person. It's just really bad form.


Your analogy is misguided, and completely fails to differentiate public from private space. To what end does a person place information out into purely public sphere with the expressed stipulation not to share/spread it around; contradicting tumblr's modus operandi. Tumblr makes no illusion that it is a private forum. The correct analogy would be someone writing their thoughts on a wall in a crowded area, then demands no one reads it.

I’m not sure if you’re trying to give me a better example of an analogy or if you’re one of those who think it’s stupid to share personal thoughts online.

Speaking from someone who has been using the internet since she was a naive, ignorant teenager, I’m quite aware the risks of the internet. But websites like facebook, twitter, tumblr etc cannot choose their audience and cannot dictate how people will behave. Many people, especially young people, see the internet as a place to seek shelter from the tough reality. A stranger on tumblr can be more of a friend than your own parents ever was to you.

People need to vent, people need to get their dark thoughts from their heads. And writing it down in a post that someone out there might read, is maybe worth the risk.

Sometimes it’s a cry for help without shouting it out loud you know? The internet has a lot of assholes who just wanna make you feel shitty, but then there’s also A LOT of people who are willing to send a virtual hug and takes the persons issues seriously - something that maybe no one in their real life does.

And tumblrs posting and tagging system works perfect for this, tumblr doesn’t force you to leave out your personal information like facebook. The “read more” feature might have been intended for long posts to be shorter, but features can get new meanings behind their functions.

And to create a blog like that one, were the person behind the blog is downright being an asshole and refuse to delete the reblogs even when people ask hir to, is a disrespectful slap in the face. YES people know that it’s online, YES people know it’s not 100% private. People ARE aware of this stupid point the blog is making. iIt lack any kind of empathy and that disgusts me.

Private posts aren’t made to be spread around

but they are at the same time made to show their followers that they have thoughts and don’t wanna keep quiet about it. Maybe, just maybe, people use tumblr to communicate with their internet friends, and not to become a internet celebrity?

Hello! I have just recently gotten a tablet but im finding it hard to do line art? I find it to be shaky and ive tried different angles such and i was wondering if there were any specific techniches i could use or should i just keep practicing? also i have found that i like the rough sketches that i do way better than when i try to clean them up.Either way i love your tuts they've helped me improve by a lot, thanks!

yeah that’s probably the main difference between a tablet and a paper surface - friction! It’s more “slippery” on a tablet - you can’t use the pen pressure to control the lines as easy. Some people place a sheet of paper on the tablet to get the same feeling of paper texture under the pen.

Another technique that I do myself, is to rotate the canva while I place the strokes - which often are quick curved lines in swift arcs. rotate the picture just like you’d rotate a paper when drawing.

We have found your official spirit animal, Mirre. Today is a great day.

my prehistoric spirit animal I’m so happy ima cry