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How I draw a old, classic car

Okay, I am still a beginner in this area. But the more I draw, the easier and easier it gets. And I’ve found a very easy and nice technique in how to draw a decent car.

Now, since I personally always found cars pretty boring. I decided to start drawing very old car models, since their design are more “raw” and not as stylized and modified as today’s cars. I strongly suggest you pick some cool models you find interesting when you are trying to draw something you personally don’t find interesting.

Okay, I start by sketching out a box sort of, and in each corner I draw the wheels. Even if the weels might not be visible in the end result, it’s still a good way to start.

(Please note that I actually suck at drawing wheels in certain angles, so they will be edited through these stages. So do not try to mimick exactly how I draw the wheels.)

So, wheels need protection and stuff, just like bikes have. Make sure you have a reference to use for this, so you know what kind of shape you want to give the “wheel-protection” (I have no idea what the words for car-stuff is, so imma make up my own)

Now, the reference I used have this sort of plate that more or less connects the front and back wheel-plates. It sort of serves a little bit like a one-step stair for passengers to use when they step in the car :D

Now it’s time to draw the engine. Imagine it as a half cylinder that is a bit narrow at the front and gets wider at the back.

Now we can draw uh…. “the house” lol. You know, where you sit and drive and such. It’s very simple, it’s more or less just a cube that connects with the engine-part at the front :D

And now it’s time for the last “details”, like the lights and windows and the door and stuff. I also made the back part round so it look like those roofs made out of cloth that you can pull down when it’s good weather outside. *blah blah blah*

Now, add some kawaii colors. Now you have a old classic car. TADAAH!