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Small ranting critique time: TLK-Humanizations

Since I really don’t feel like reblogging the original post with my rant, I’m just gonna link you to it below.

It’s this post of the humanized versions of Scar and Mufasa from the Lion King.

Sure they are cool in their own sense. Pretty drawings are pretty drawings after all.

But to be honest, I find these versions of scar and mufasa as very lame attempts at being humanized.


As I maybe have mentioned before - people who do horse face syndrome often also have same-face-syndrome.

Secondly, Mufasa looks waaay too young to resemble the character. I’m pretty damn sure you wouldn’t think that was mufasa if it wasn’t for the drawings to the left.

Compared to Simba, Mufasa has a much stronger chin. Mufasa looks more masculine in general, the artist seem to only be able to draw young bishounen-faces.

If it was a humanization of Simba, it would have worked better. Since he’s younger than his father (no shit sherlock).

Scar is pretty “meh”. You could srsly copy-paste mufasa’s face, change the colors and add some “angry evil wrinkles” and you have a humanized scar like this.

Also it bothers me that the drawings of the lion version of Scar looks more like a dog than a lion.

The nose is too short. One of the main key features in scar’s design is his long and narrow head shape, ignoring that will remove a lot of his design. Scar is more than just a little skratch above the eye and a black mane for fuck’s sake.

Also let’s not forget that scar has a bit of a beard at his chin if you’d compare it to mufasa’s. A little minus point there as well.

Well do I have anything positive to say about them?

well, the artist nailed their “hairstyles” pretty well and the clothes are pretty sassy and cool.

And yes this is my opinion, I think the design of those pictures are lame and could have been executed way better.

And also as a bonus to this rant, the Timon and Pumba humaizations are very good. You can clearly see the characters behind them. Only thing I’d like to change is pumba’s skin color and perhaps adjust his nose a little bit. But he really fits as a POC now when I look at it.

Next time I rant about a post I don’t feel like reblogging will be on the so called “historically accurate" disney princesses, that is anything but historically accurate.