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The last Uppcon

Uppcon is sweden’s largest anime/manga convention and has been held since 2001.

This year was the last one ever.

The first time I visited Uppcon was Uppcon04, I was 14 or 15 years old (don’t quite remember) and it was the first time I actually met other people with the same interests as I had. As you might think, it changed my social life a lot. I wasn’t so social before my first Uppcon. I got to know so many friends there who later come to mean a lot to me during my teenage years.

After Uppcon08, I was getting a bit tired of being just a visitor, I wanted to experience the convention from a different point of view. I applied to work in the staff on Uppcon09 (18 years old). And it was a new, fun experience to wear that orange t-shirt that everyone in the personell got.

Uppcon01 had about 30-50 visitors… Uppcon12 had a bit over 3000 visitors. That is a high number for a convention held in Sweden.

The new friends I got to know by working on the con are all very awesome, although most of them remained as acquaintances, I got very close to some of them.

At the ending-show at sunday, almost everyone in the personell (who had the time) was standing backstage; we were supposed to enter the stage and say “goodbye” for the last time ever on Uppcon.

I could feel the tears starting to fill my eyes but tried to not cry.

Although when we all shouted “GOODBYE. THANK YOU FOR COMING!” I couldn’t hold the tears back.

After we left the stage, more or less everyone in the personell started crying anyway. I’ve never experienced so many people I know, expressing so many emotions at the same time, the tears were mixed with laughter; sadness that Uppcon is finally over, but happiness over the fact that we have all together created something so big and awesome like this. Many hugs were shared.

And when I went back to my duties as personell - to make sure all visitors leave the building in time - I saw many visitors who where also crying, which in turn made me cry again lol.

While we were rigging down all the stuff - moving away loads and loads of tables and chairs and throwing trash and looking for “loot” on the ground, the personell who works on the building we hire (UKK) treated us some cake (not a lie). The personell at UKK (who are you know… “normal grownups”) wanted to thank us for giving them the best time of their lives (srsly, Uppcon is the only time of the year when that building is filled with colorful people in awesome suits giving away free hugs and such). The cakes even had orange frosting - which is Uppcon’s “official color”!

My whole body is still stiff from all the work this weekend. but it was all worth it, nothing went wrong, everything went all good and fine. It was a great ending of a great convention that has been held in Uppsala for over 10 years. I will miss Uppcon so much, but it’s just the end of a chapter - there are other people who are very eager to start new, smaller cons in Uppsala.

It’s like when a big star dies and explodes into a supernova - all that colorful materia gives birth to new stars. And I see Uppcon as that supernova.

Sweden will still have awesome anime/manga-conventions, I can’t wait to visit Confusion in Gothenburg this winter. And as soon as I hear about someone looking for personell for a new con in Uppsala, I’ll probably apply for it. Even though we don’t earn any profit from it, it’s still a great working experience. And all you people who visit cons like Uppcon is the best people ever, you guys are so pretty, so kind and appreciate all the work we put down for you so much. Everyone in the staff love you guys so much! Without you there wouldn’t be any Uppcon like this.