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A 24 year old human who likes to draw stuff, especially comics. This is my personal artblog where I will post doodles, WIPs and finished artwork and also text posts with ignorant opinions. I'm doing my best. Enjoy your stay!
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Things I’ve learned while working on the Motorcity fanart:

If you’re going to make something very elaborated like this picture then here’s a list of things I’ve learned during the process of making this that might be good to take in to consideration.

  • KNOW WHAT YOU’RE GONNA DO. Plot out the idea as much as you can in your head before you sit down and start drawing. (I’ve been plotting out the composition for my picture since August last year FYI.)
  • Spend most time focusing on making a good draft/sketch of the picture. Composition is very important here, it’s at this stage you also fix things like tangents (because wow tangents can be created so easily on these kind of pictures)
  • Prepare yourself with references, color palettes etc before starting out, so you got that problem out of your way right from the start.
  • Split the picture up in to “sections”. This helped me overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed; thinking “just two sections left” and so on helps you keep going.
  • Know your limitations. (not to be confused with being too self-concious FYI) I could have done this picture in a more paintery and realistic style, but I knew that I would never have the patience to do that on this kind of picture. So instead I sticked to the cartoony style. Details are not the most important part here.
  • Don’t work on it 24/7. Breaks are important here, I worked on this picture about 2-3 hours a day and spent the rest of the day drawing other stuff.
  • Keep yourself motivated; you will sooner or later get tired of the picture. Try to watch/listen/draw things related to your project to get in the right mood. It’s also a good idea to show your progress to others so they can motivate you (+ if you promise ppl to finish it you sort of HAVE to finish it you know? ;D)
  • LAYER MASKS WILL SAVE YOUR BUTT. If you are too scared to use layer masks, then you’ll scream in agony when you somehow cannot undo an area you accidentally erased. (especially recommended for the shadows layer)
  • Use adjustment layers LAST. I struggled a lot with a screen-layer I used for the highlights in my picture, you can see some uneven brushstrokes here and there on it. Things like lens-flares, glowing effects etc can be added as a final touch.
  • Don’t forget to eat and sleep.
  • Eat
  • Sleep