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PROTIP: How to clean up ugly scanned lineart in photoshop!

Maybe it’s because my scanner is old and cranky like an old geezer, but no matter how intensively black and clean the lineart is on my traditional drawings, they seem to still always end up with lots of annoying small specks and dirt on the scanned drawing:


"ugh just look at all that DIRT. It will take me FOREVER to erase all that digitally….! :("


But wait!

I’m using photoshop here ffs, there must be some sort of filter that could help me out here!

And yes there is: FILTER>BLUR>SMART BLUR!

So this is the settings I use for this filter. As you can see, it does exactly what I’m hoping for!

And voila:

(PLEASE NOTE: the picture is zoomed in at 200%. The lines look way cleaner once you zoom out.)

Now that’s all from me  :> NOW GO AND SCAN THOSE DRAWINGS!!