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Reference source: Link!

30 minute speedpainting.

My mom let me borrow her medicine for tonight ( we take the same meds) and I got energy to do a little study of this photo. I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time, mainly because I’ve always been a bit confused in how the shape pattern of rocks/mountains work. Sure nature IS random, but we all can agree that depending on the material it behaved a certain way, creating patterns and shapes we recognize them with.

Also, for you who wonder; no I did not color pick the colors from the photo. I don’t even have the ref open in the drawing program I use, it’s good to figure out the colors on your own. It’s really good training for your artistic eye, I guess the only exception would be if you are color blind - then it can’t be helped.

I started with a cool base with low saturated blues for the rocks, then I use pure gray to add the warmer surfaces, since gray against cool colors makes it appear warmer, it is a better method than trying to pick a warm gray right from the start.

The warmer areas on the rocks were added lastly, so I simply worked from cool darks to warmer lights more or less.

When doing a speedpainting from something like this, it is strongly recommended to always work zoomed out, you should focus on the whole painting and not go into the details until last. Squint with your eyes to noce where there’s more shadows and what not.