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A 24 year old human who likes to draw stuff, especially comics. This is my personal artblog where I will post doodles, WIPs and finished artwork and also text posts with ignorant opinions. I'm doing my best. Enjoy your stay!
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What have you found is a good technique for creating more realism in art? (Otakudom aka Paradiseeve)

Light and values! Without a doubt!

Learning to “paint with light” was definitely the biggest step I took on the road to improvement. It was more or less when I started to use Corel Painter that I started to play around with this technique. Thanks to the awesome blender brush, I could start with a pure black canvas and then just erase some areas and blend them in order to create grayscale transitions between the light and the dark.

Instead of struggling with getting a perfect sketch as foundation, I just imagined the white color as light - which resulted in that I could create shapes and depth right from the start.

This technique also made me start to paint all on a single-layer, and I didn’t have to feel limited to any kind of lineart.

Since we can only see the world through light, it is the light that brings you the closest way to realistic painting.