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Just got Corel Painter for the first time? Here’s a list of tips in what to do before starting to paint:

A quick guide in what to do first of all with corel painter:

First go to preferences, this is the settings you should have in order to make sure you have as good performance as possible. This is the preferences for painter 12, so if some of the options is not available in your version, then you can just skip it.:

  • on the interface menu, make sure you do NOT have “enchanted brush ghost” selected. Pick only “brush ghost”. This increase the performance a lot by some weird reason.
  • After that, go to “performance”, if you have an external harddrive connected to your computer, select that drive as “scratch disc”(you can do this with photoshop as well).
  • If you have more than 1 multicore, then lower the number. Do NOT set multicore on max, since that will make Corel lag if you run other programs (such as iTunes) in the background.
  • Also uncheck the boxes “smooth objects when zooming" and "increase drawing speed when zoomed out”.
  • Another thing that is good to know is that if you work on a picture where the file is on a external harddrive or USB, it can also make the program lag. So make sure that all your .RIF-workfiles are on the computers own harddrive.

Interface settings:

If you work on a painting and you notice that the black on the canvas is actually not 100% black, then you should go to CANVAS> Color Management Settings.

  • If the default RGB profile is set to “sRGB IEC61966-2-1 noBPC" then you just change it to “withBPC” in the drop-down menu. “BPC” stands for "Black Point Correction" and is a setting you should only use if the drawing/painting is going to be printed(like a comic page for example). But otherwise, you won’t need it. This is very common thing that people stumble upon with Corel that they don’t know how to fix. So now you know it already.
  • Make sure to have “color proofing mode” turned OFF when you start on a new painting.
  • If you have Painter 12, then you can create your own “brush pallet” by simply holding shift and then click+drag the selected brush onto the workspace. Having a brush palette is very handy since you won’t need to use the drop-down menu for the brushes. In older versions, you only need to click and drag.
  • GO SET UP THE BRUSH TRACKER!!!!! You’ll find it in Preferences>Brush Tracking. I cannot stress you guys enough about how important this is in order to get good pen pressure on your brushes. If you feel like the velocity/pen pressure isn’t looking like you expect, then go and edit the brush tracker. All you need to do is to draw some lines on the window like you’d usually do when drawing.

Since there’s so few guides out there in how to set up Painter for beginners, I made this little guide. Many of these tips are important for the performance. People who aren’t aware of these things will often give up on using corel since it might start to lag and similar things. But if you fix these things mentioned, you’ll have the program running much better.